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Assignment 5: Critical Reflection

Throughout the trimester taking this module, I have completed each assigned task with the goals of achieving better communication and writing skills in mind. As most of the assignment requires us to draft our work and edit it according to feedback provided by our peers, it is inevitable that we have to consistently edit our work.
As such, I find it time-consuming to provide feedback for the work of our peers as I have the mentality that I am in no position to do so. In addition, I was skeptical to the feedback provided by my peers as I thought to myself if the feedback written by them were essential to improve the quality of my work. After constant practicing of providing and receiving feedback, I realized the importance of doing the necessary editing of my work according to the feedback given by my peers as it not only benefits the work of the writer, it also enables the student writing the feedback the ability to identify common mistakes made and not repeat it.  This will then greatl…

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